One of the things Terry discovered following his life and death ordeal was his penchant for writing. For him, writing books became a way not only to get his message out there but also to rebuild himself and his life. Clean and Killing It is Terry’s personal journey through hell and back. From a booze-soaked life to someone who has completely recreated the way we think of recovery programs, Terry has become an influencer and leader in the right kind of way

SuperHero Self

Superhero Self  is the R Factor 4 doctrine. Here is where Terry reveals the importance of love in your life, of healthy connections, of immersing yourself in those things that enable you to totally reinvent who you are. Labels…there are no such things. With the R Factor 4 program, labels go by the wayside as the superhero you were always meant to be emerges.


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Write Your Way to Re-Creation

The tremendous thing about writing is that anyone can do it.  Everybody has a book in them.  Life experiences, lessons learned, challenges endured, here is your raw material, now transform it into something that can help you recreate your current life and live as you never have before.  Write Your Way to Re-Creation helps you develop your own script as you move toward re-energizing your life.  

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